Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Rotary club? When did Rotary begin and how did the name originate?
A. Rotary Club is a non-profit service organization founded by businessman Paul Harris of Chicago in 1905. As the weekly meetings rotated between the various homes of the original members, the name Rotary was born.

Q. Is Rotary only for men?
A. Rotary welcomes both men and women.

Q. Is the Rotary Club a political or spiritual organization?
A. It is neither. It is strictly a service organization of women and men united in their desire to provide humanitarian service to needy people within the community, and through the club–s affiliation with Rotary International, to the far corners of the world.

Q. How does Rotary provide this service?
A. Rotary does this through four different venues: Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, and International Service.

Q. When did Rotary Club of VGC starts
A. Rotary club of VGC is over 20 years in service to humanity and has been creating huge impact in the community and its environment since then.

Q. What is the philosophy of a Rotarian, and would I fit in?
A. The main goal of every Rotarian is to help others. Through the common bond of – Rotary Service–, Rotarians view as paramount the privilege of being on a team committed to changing lives for the better. If you would like to fellowship and work with others who believe in the motto of –service above self , you will fit in.

Q. What are the financial obligations of Rotary?
A. Rotary club of VGC is a fully chattered club and is recognized but at the district and international level, we ensure all dues are paid and that’s the most critical obligation of the club.

Q. What is the attendance policy of our club?
A. Rotary club of VGC meets every Saturday of the week.

Q. How is the local club governed?
A. Each year we elect officers who conduct the general business of the club. Our president, with the approval of the board of directors, makes committee appointments to all the avenues of service.